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Your Sketchbook Will Be In Full Bloom With These Rose Flower Drawing Steps

Flowers are a lovely way to capture attention and showcase affection. Unlike Halloween pumpkins or Christmas fir, flowers are not season or occasion-specific, which increases their use and in turn the horticulture industry. You may find flowers at a wedding as floral centrepieces or during Valentine’s Day. However, if you are not too keen on gifting your beloved (or friends) flowers, you can make one out of or on paper. Today, we bring you a tutorial on how to make rose flower drawing.

How To Make Rose Drawing Easy Steps

If you have mastered the 7 elements of art and design, are well aware of the rules of composition painting, and can comfortably oscillate between the several shading and hatching techniques, then this guide on how to make rose drawing will be a cakewalk for you. All you need to do is to follow the given steps which will make rose drawing easy. 

STEP 1: Rose Drawing Outline

The first step to creating a realistic rose drawing is to outline. Be cautious to use light lines using drawing pencils while outlining. Draw a teardrop or an egg shape. Draw an opening at the top and make small petals inside it. Enclose these petals inside a heart, connecting them with the outer petals. Draw a few more concentric hearts making them more irregular and more open as you go. Now draw a few petal cups under the buds. Draw more petal cups. They must open and bend down progressively. 

Courtesy – EnvatoTuts+

STEP 2: Rose Pencil Drawing Shading

Now that you have outlined your rose flower drawing, it’s time to focus on the shading. Before you proceed, reinforce the main outline of the rose drawing and clear away all the light lines with a kneaded eraser. Shade the inner parts of the petals only.

Courtesy – EnvatoTuts+

STEP 3: Detailing Rose Drawing

Now that you are done with shading, you need to add some textures to the petals. Using the shading pencil, stress and darken some edges of the petals. Be cautious of the light and shadow in your realistic rose drawing. In the negative space, the outer side of the petals, adds some texture via light shading and hatching. It must look lighter than the inner part of the petals. Darken the crevices even more.

Courtesy – EnvatoTuts+

Et voila! Using these steps has helped make a realistic and cute rose drawing easy. While this is a tutorial for a mere rose flower drawing, you have the autonomy to experiment with watercolours or coloured pencils to further the beauty of the flower. This was only one way to make the rose drawing. If you wish to draw the flower from a different angle or wish to create a differently shaped rose, you must procure pictures of roses to draw as a reference. These will help your creativity bloom.

Image Courtesy – LethalChrisDrawing via YouTube

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