Steps To Make An Umbrella Drawing for Kids

25 June 2024

Materials Needed

Gather a sketching or any plain paper, a pencil for sketching, an eraser, crayons, coloured pencils, and markers for adding colour to the drawing.

STEP 1: Drawing the Canopy

Draw a semi-circle as the base for your umbrella’s canopy. Draw two lines extending downwards at an angle. Join the ends of the lines with several zigzag curved lines to complete the canopy shape.

STEP 2: Drawing the Handle

Below the canopy, around the middle, draw a straight vertical line. At the bottom of this line, draw a curved shape to create the grip of the handle.

STEP 3: Detailing the Canopy

Inside the canopy, draw several V-shaped lines from the top edge to the bottom edge. These lines represent the ribs of the umbrella. Add a small stub on top of the umbrella.

STEP 4: Coloring the Umbrella

Select colours for the umbrella canopy and handle and fill it in. Your kids can experiment with blending and shading different patterns.