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Singin’ in the Rain (Or Sunshine): Umbrella Drawing for Kids

When Rihanna sang ‘Under My Umbrella, -ella, -ella, -ella,’ ripples were felt throughout the world. Not only were we mimicking the steps to her superhit single, but we were also learning how to draw one, lest we need it. An umbrella, with its unique shape and beautiful colours, not only saves us from the rain but therapizes us with its beauty. In this article, we will explore various techniques and step-by-step instructions on how to draw umbrella for kids, as well as provide tips on making the process engaging and enjoyable.

Umbrella For Kids Drawing

Before we begin an umbrella drawing for kids, it’s always helpful to understand what it looks like. An umbrella typically consists of a canopy (the top part that provides shelter from rain or sun) and a handle (the part to be held). There are various types ad colours of umbrellas with splendid patterns and several handles.

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Materials Needed to Make an Umbrella Drawing for Kids

Before you can start drawing an umbrella, gather the following materials.

  1. Sketching or any plain paper.
  2. A pencil for sketching.
  3. An electric eraser
  4. Crayons, coloured pencils, or markers for adding colour to the drawing.
  5. Reference images (optional)
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How to Draw Umbrella for Kids

Now that you have collected all the materials, let’s walk through the steps for making a basic umbrella for kids drawing.

STEP 1: Drawing the Canopy

Start by drawing a semi-circle as the base for your umbrella’s canopy. From both ends, draw two lines extending downwards at an angle. These lines will eventually meet to form the sides of the umbrella. Join the ends of the lines with several zigzag curved lines to complete the canopy shape.

Courtesy – I Heart Crafty Things

STEP 2: Drawing the Handle

Below the canopy, around the middle, draw a straight vertical line. At the bottom of this line, draw a curved shape to create the grip of the handle. You can make it simple or add some decorative elements like lines or dots. Since there are numerous umbrellas, some without the curved handle, you may draw a wider stub instead.

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STEP 3: Detailing the Canopy

Inside the canopy, draw several V-shaped lines from the top edge to the bottom edge. These lines represent the ribs of the umbrella. At this point in your umbrella drawing for kids, they may add their favourite patterns or designs. You can also add a small stub on top of the umbrella.

Courtesy – Play Osmo

STEP 4: Coloring the Umbrella

The umbrella for kids drawing is now complete. Although you may choose to keep it black and white, it’s always a good idea to make it vibrant. Select colours for the umbrella canopy and handle and fill it in. Your kids can experiment with blending and shading different patterns. If you have added a design to the canopy, make sure to use another colour to make it pop.

Courtesy – Draw So Cute via YouTube

Et voila! This is how to draw umbrella for kids. Drawing it might not mean much to us adults, but it is a wonderful way to introduce kids to basic shapes while improving their drawing skills. Using these step-by-step instructions, children can create their own colourful and imaginative umbrella drawings. Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny one, an umbrella drawing for kids brings joy and satisfaction.

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