Major Works of Sanjay Puri

1. THE STREET The Street is a hostel complex in Mathura, India, featuring offices and retail areas. Inspired by ancient city streets, the 800-room hostel features unique architecture and spaces, showcasing distinct layouts and unique spaces on a wedge-shaped site.

2. THE LOTUS BUSINESS PARK The commercial development features floating, overlapping volumes, allowing offices to flow out onto balconies and communal patios, giving it a unique personality.

3. THE COURTYARD HOUSE The Courtyard House, inspired by Rajasthan's harsh climate, features a series of rooms shaped by radiating concrete volumes from central courtyards, utilizing the house's thermal properties and cross-ventilation.

4. THE CRESCENT The Crescent, a single-story office building with curvilinear volumes and a semi-enclosed courtyard, is situated near a road junction and features a sculptural presence.

5. THE RAJASTHAN SCHOOL The Rajasthan School is a three-story, low-rise building that reflects the organic character of Indian villages and historic cities, featuring open, ringed, and semi-enclosed rooms for students to interact with and explore.

6.ZEN SPACES Sanjay Puri Architects designed Zen Spaces, a 27,000-square-foot home in Jaipur that blurs indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing light to filter and infuse volumes with shadows.