Experiencing Railway Museum Mysuru

4 July 2024

Founded in 1979 by the Indian Railways thanks to PM Joseph's efforts, Mysuru Railway Museum is situated on Krishnaraja Sagar Road, near the Mysuru Railway Station.

The Railway Museum  Mysuru boasts the royal train compartment used by the Mysuru royalty, a wooden pillar and door from the Old Srirangapatna railway station, and a wired fence from a bygone era.

There is also a gallery for lights, railroad signals, tickets, ticketing machines, signal signs, clocks, black and white photos, paintings, an 1885 hand-operated crane and a 1934 steam water pump.

Visitors can ride a battery-operated miniature toy train around the Mysuru Railway Museum's grounds. They also hold special events, workshops, and exhibitions.

The Mysuru Railway Museum is open from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM (except Tuesday). Adults must pay an entry fee of Rs 50, while children must pay Rs 20.