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Experience the History of Railways at the Mysuru Railway Museum

Founded in 1979 by the Indian Railways thanks to PM Joseph’s efforts, Mysuru Railway Museum is situated on Krishnaraja Sagar Road, near the Mysuru Railway Station. It is operated by the South Western Railways. This museum features paintings, photographs, and graphics that show the development of Indian railways. It also has an outdoor display of historic locomotives. There are also notes where people can read stories from a bygone era. The Mysuru Railway Museum is more than just a storehouse for the artefacts. It is a living example of how human ingenuity and technology can coexist harmoniously.

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Main Attractions at the Railway Museum Mysuru

The Chamundi Gallery at the Mysuru Railway Museum boasts a wide variety of images and paintings on display about railways and their growth. The displays show the development of locomotives from the early steam era to more modern electric and diesel models. At the Sri Ranga Pavilion, two royal coaches are exhibited. The fact that some of these locomotives are still operational makes them special. It boasts the first steam engine ever built in India. You will also notice an 1885 hand-operated crane and a 1934 steam water pump.

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The Sriranga Mantapa section of the museum is composed of the royal train compartment used by the Mysuru royalty, a wooden pillar and door from the Old Srirangapatna railway station, and a wired fence from a bygone era. There is also a gallery for lights, railroad signals, tickets, ticketing machines, signal signs, clocks, black and white photos, and paintings.

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Visitors can ride a battery-operated miniature toy train around the Mysuru Railway Museum’s grounds. They also hold special events, workshops, and exhibitions.

Locomotives at Railway Museum Mysuru

The Mysuru Railway Museum showcases a few vintage steam locomotives. Some of them include the following.

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  • A 4-6-2 ES 506 locomotive.
  • A 1925-built bright red Austin Railway Car model. Originally designed for the roads, it was transformed into a railcar that could accommodate six passengers.
  • A YP #2511, manufactured in 1963 by Telco.
  • An inspection car which houses both the museum shop and the ticket counter.
  • Two regal carriages that belonged to the Wodeyar kings, the Maharajas of Mysuru. They have polished wooden interiors and brass fittings.
  • The 1899 Maharani’s Saloon carriage features a kitchen, dining car, and royal restroom.
  • A 1900 W.G. Bagnall #1625 for the Military Frontier Line’s Khushalgarh – Kohat – Thal Railway.
  • One of the three superheated locomotives, Class E #7244 4-4-4T from Surrey Iron Railway (SIR) was built by North British Locomotive Co. in 1920.
  • Class TS/1 #37338 2-6-2T from Southern Railway (SR) was constructed in 1932 by W.G. Bagnall for Mysuru State Railways.
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Entry at Railway Museum Mysuru

The Mysuru Railway Museum is open from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM (except Tuesday). Adults must pay an entry fee of Rs 50, while children must pay Rs 20.

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