Global women Artists To Keep Watch For

22nd May, 2024

Known for her avant-garde and immersive installations, Kusama is renowned for her use of polka dots and vibrant colours. Her work often addresses themes of identity, infinity, and the cosmos. 2. 

1. Yayoi Kusama (Japan)

A pioneering performance artist, Abramović's work explores the relationship between performer and audience, often pushing the boundaries of endurance and emotional intensity.

2. Marina Abramović (Serbia)

Walker's provocative and thought-provoking silhouetted figures challenge viewers to confront issues of race, gender, and power in American history and society.

3. Kara Walker (United States)

A trailblazing assemblage artist, Saar's work incorporates found objects and symbolism to explore themes of race, identity, and spirituality, often with a feminist perspective.

4. Betye Saar (United States)

Sherman is renowned for her conceptual photography, in which she assumes various roles and personas, challenging stereotypes and conventions of female representation in media and art history.

5. Cindy Sherman (United States)

Malani's multimedia installations and paintings confront issues of gender, politics, and cultural identity, drawing from mythology, history, and contemporary events.

6. Nalini Malani (India)

Emin's confessional and often controversial artwork spans various mediums, including installation, sculpture, and painting, exploring themes of sexuality, trauma, and vulnerability.

7. Tracey Emin (United Kingdom)

Neshat's photography and video installations examine the complexities of gender and identity in Islamic society, often through the lens of Iranian history and politics.

8. Shirin Neshat (Iran)

Varejão's work explores themes of colonialism, cultural identity, and the body through painting, sculpture, and installation.

9. Adriana Varejão (Brazil)

Ono's conceptual art and performance work often engage with themes of peace, feminism, and human connection.

10. Yoko Ono (Japan/United States)