Sketch Solar System Drawing🚀

3 May 2024

Understanding the Solar System

A full solar system drawing consists of the Sun at its centre, orbited by eight planets, numerous moons, asteroids, comets, and other celestial bodies.

Materials For Solar System Drawing With Colour

To make your solar system drawing easy, you need to gather paper or sketchbook, drawing Pencils , eraser, ruler, coloured pencils or markers, solar system images for drawing.

STEP 1: Sketching the Sun

Begin by drawing a large circle at the corner of your paper to represent the Sun. Around it make eight concentric circles to place the eight planets

STEP 2: Solar System Planets Drawing

In the concentric circles, draw eight smaller circles. Starting from the innermost orbit of your full solar system drawing, sketch the planets.

STEP 3: Detailing and Coloring

Once you've sketched the planets, add details. Use solar system images for drawing each planet's unique characteristics.

STEP 4: Adding Depth

To create a sense of depth in your easy solar system drawing, consider adding stars, asteroids, and comets scattered throughout the solar system.