Sudhir Patwardhan's Meticulous Gaze

17 May 2024

Sudhir Patwardhan Artist Style

Sudhir Patwardhan paintings, called “urbanistic”, take on not just a sociological gaze but also a somewhat autobiographical one, as their creator has admitted along the way.

Sudhir Patwardhan artworks are stark, truthful and contemplative. In much of Sudhir Patwardhan paintings, the emphasis is on the ordinary working people of India.

The canvases created by Sudhir Patwardhan are a fascination of paradoxes, on some level. There is the inescapable intimacy of the crowded big city to the characters.

He has emphasized honouring an uncompromising detachment to his subjects, to respect their autonomy, individuality, inaccessibility and even dignity.

Bylanes Saga

Sudhir Patwardhan artwork, ‘'Bylanes Saga' (2007) is a diptych, showing two different groups of people — one-panel symbolising violence and hatred, while the second represents love, family and tenderness.

Another Day in the Old City

Another Sudhir Patwardhan artwork, titled 'Another Day in the Old City' (2017) juggles geometry, colour, dimensions and forms, packed into a frame with the promise of an open sky on the horizon.