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What Elements of Bodo Culture Influence Juri Basumatary’s Artistic Creations?

Juri Basumatary, an artist from the Bodo tribe in Bijni, Assam, infuses her art with a unique perspective by drawing from her rich tribal heritage. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphics from Kokrajhar Music and Fine Art College, Assam, and her Master of Fine Arts in Graphics from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh.

NATURE AND ME by Juri Basumatary | Courtesy: Abir Space

Deeply inspired by native cultural stories and themes, Juri’s artwork celebrates the rich traditions and heritage of her community. Her surrealistic pieces skilfully blend traditional elements with imaginative twists, creating a cultural mosaic that encapsulates the essence of Assam. Through the use of vivid colours and dreamlike scenarios, her art evokes wonder and invites viewers into mystical realms where culture and creativity harmoniously converge. A prominent motif in Juri’s work is the lotus, symbolising peace and calmness, which holds significant meaning for her. She captures the essence of happiness and warmth embodied by the lotus, infusing her creations with serenity and tranquility. Additionally, the traditional music of the Bodo tribe inspires her, adding a dreamlike quality to her work and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

ARONAI WITH SERJA by Juri Basumatary | Courtesy: Abir Space

Silence is another theme in Juri’s art. She employs visual imagery to convey stillness and introspection, reflecting moments of quiet contemplation. By incorporating elements of nature, traditional symbolism, and personal reflections, Juri crafts a distinctive artistic experience that deeply resonates with her audience.

FOLKTALES-II by Juri Basumatary | Courtesy: Abir Space

Juri Basumatary’s artistic talent and creative vision showcase the richness and diversity of Assam’s indigenous cultures. Through her bold exploration of traditional themes and her ability to imbue her work with personal meaning and emotion, Juri highlights the beauty and intricacies of her tribal heritage. Her art captivates viewers with its unique perspective and storytelling, making a significant contribution to contemporary art.

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