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When Georgia O\’Keeffe was presented to the world by a man who brought Modern art to America

This is the day that brought the great artist Georgia O’Keeffe before the world. In 1917 Alfred Stieglitz opened the first one-person show of O’Keeffe\’s work at 291 art gallery in New York.

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Modern Art came to America because of Stieglitz. It wasn’t a Rockefeller or a Guggenheim, but just a kid from Hoboken, New Jersey, with an eye for talent. Behind the doors of a little 5th floor attic-level apartment on 291 Fifth Avenue, he displayed raunchy Rodins, cock-eyed Picassos, out-there Brâncușis, Matisses, Cézannes and gave the American public its first taste of the controversial European avant-garde. Many of modern art’s household names all found a launching pad at the space that would become known as 291.

Thank you lord for Marlon Brando!


While it may not directly something related to art in the classical sense, but today was the day when the classical hunk Marlon Brando was born. The actor who was famous for films like A Streetcar Named Desire and Apocalypse Now, might easily rank as an actor who was iconic for his screen presence and sheer good looks. That he could act, obviously, made him a legend.

First mobile phone call

You are probably reading this bit of new on a mobile phone or looking at art on your smartphone. It also happens to be the day when the first first handheld mobile telephone call was made by an employee of Motorola, who called AT&T’s Bell Laboratories.

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