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Exploring Identity and Belonging Through Material and Emotion in Rumika Bhaumik’s Artistic Journey

Through her artistic journey, Rumika Bhaumik explores herself by skilfully fusing her personal story with the materials and forms she comes across. Her art, which is based on the themes of ownership and belonging, transcends actual locations by bringing her energy to them and defining her identity inside them.

Bhaumik drew inspiration for her artwork from her childhood in rural Agartala, where she played with mud and lived in a mud hut, which gave her a strong feeling of place and a connection to her heritage. This relationship changed as she immersed herself in the metropolitan environments of Baroda and Mumbai for her art studies, becoming enthralled with the concrete forms and the interaction of light and form that define city life. Her artistic perspective has been impacted by these experiences, which have also had an impact on her perception of the urban environment, which she skilfully incorporates into her works.

collaboration with imagination V
Collaboration with imagination V by Rumika Bhaumik | Courtesy: Abir Space

Bhaumik is a versatile artist who works in a variety of media, such as painting, needlework, woodcutting, and sculpture. Her foray into woodcutting acted as a springboard for her artistic endeavours into sculpture, which enhanced the depth and dimension of her works. The concept of nostalgia is central to Bhaumik’s artistic expression because she skilfully bridges the gap between the past and now by fusing her personal history with modern realities. Through her art, she embodies her path of adaptation and remembrance by transforming foreign places into familiar homes.

Bhaumik’s art has a deep emotional resonance that invites viewers to explore the conflict between emptiness and pursuit as well as their own feeling of identity and belonging. Every artwork is evidence of her introspective investigation and her capacity to transform personal narratives into works of art that have broad appeal.

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