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13 Architecture Firms in Pune which Transformed the City’s Landscape

The city of Pune boasts a manicured landscape shaped by a myriad of innovative and dynamic firms. From sleek modern designs to elegant traditional structures, the best architecture firms in Pune marry creativity with functionality to craft spaces that captivate and inspire. Using the rich cultural heritage as its backdrop, the top architecture firms in Pune harness cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices to redefine the city’s skyline while preserving its historical charm. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or institutional projects, architecture firms in Pune create environments that resonate with the spirit of this dynamic city.

Architecture Firms in Pune

The architecture firms in Pune have contributed significantly to elevate the city to an unfathomable benchmark. Let us talk about some of these firms and their noteworthy creation.

CCBA Designs

Professor Christopher Charles Benninger serves as the mentor for CCBA Designs, formerly known as Christopher Charles Benninger Architects. With projects spread throughout India and overseas, CCBA Designs’ portfolio includes master planning for international cities and new towns as well as housing complexes, hotels, resorts, corporate headquarters, healthcare facilities, and educational and institutional campuses. The Thimpu Capital Plan in Bhutan, Azim Premji University in Bangalore, the Bajaj Corporate Headquarters in Pune, and more were designed by this architecture firm in Pune. 

Courtesy – CCBA Designs

Studio Infinity

Based in Latur and Pune, Studio Infinity Architects is an architectural and interior design firm. They closely consider the specifications, site, size, sustainability, and material usage for each project. As a result, clients’ desires are reflected in creative commercial or residential architecture. Studio Infinity creates works of art that both reflect and respond to local and global culture—a world of ideas, new media, technologies, and rapidly evolving urbanism.  They have worked on projects including Latur healthcare infrastructures, Pune office buildings, Pune fashion boutiques, and more.

Courtesy – Archello

Karan Darda Architects

The architecture and design firm Karan Darda Architects was founded in 2019. The goal of the practice is to amalgamate current trends with a spatial environment that is contextual, cultural, and climate-specific. The studio is currently working on a variety of interior and architectural design projects, including housing, private homes, retail, offices, and cultural spaces. A few of Karan Darda Architects projects include the Tejorling Radiance temple in Pune, the Morning House in Pune, the Red + White workplace in Pune, and more.

Courtesy – World Architecture Community

Studio VDGA

Studio VDGA is a sophisticated architecture design studio, founded in 2003. Their ability to design in harmony with the urban fabric helps them create architecture that primarily responds to its context and users. The vast array of both luxurious and rustic homes, restaurants, offices, campsites, resorts, corporate houses, and product design are all included in the Studio VDGA folio of works. Their creations can be found in the Middle East, Vietnam, and India. ‘Rasm’ Fine Dine in Vietnam, the House at the Foot Hills in India, and the House of Courtyards in the United Arab Emirates are a few of their noteworthy projects.

Courtesy – Dezeen

Chaney Architects

Chaney Architects was founded in 1982. The firm has completed more than 650 projects involving interior design, planning, and architecture. Large-scale public and private housing, cutting-edge medical facilities, commercial spaces, industrial townships and hill station master planning are all areas where their expertise shines. The designs by Chaney Architects, which feature simple geometry, layered space definition, and quality, enable them to design spaces that are easy to navigate. Among their notable projects are the Ruby Hall Clinic, the Hyde Park Tower in Pune, and some private residences located throughout the city.

Courtesy – Homify

Core Architecture

A multidisciplinary design firm, Core Architecture specializes in designing commercial, residential, hospitality, and healthcare projects.  The studio focuses on energy efficiency and functionality in all areas of their work, which includes graphic design, furniture design, interior architecture, and architecture. A few of Core Architecture’s noteworthy projects are the office interiors for “JOCATA” in Hyderabad; Paradox in Pune; the Dhopade House in Baramati; and more.

Courtesy – Core Architecture Pune

Alok Kothari Architects

Founded in 2012, Alok Kothari Architects is committed to using straightforward, creative, and environmentally friendly design principles to create context-driven spaces. The practice uses an earthy, warm, and natural material palette to materialize ideas inspired by the region’s vernacular architecture while also taking into account modern needs and functions. Alok Kothari Architects focuses on designing architecture, interiors, landscapes, and urban spaces with acute attention to detail, experimentation, and research. Among their notable projects are Within Cuboids, The Brick Abode, The Brown Envelope, and others.

Courtesy – Bricks

Design Consultants Architects

The speciality of Design Consultants Architects (DCA) lies in providing architectural and interior design services to create modern environments where form and function blend. They produce environmentally and socially conscious designs that promote harmony and ease of communication. The company has worked on institutional projects, industrial projects, residential and commercial complexes, interiors for private sector companies, and residential interiors. Among their breathtaking undertakings are the Kasturi Housing Projects, NVM School, and Magarpatta.

Courtesy – Design Consultants Architects LLP via LinkedIn

4th Axis Design Studio

2008 saw the founding of 4th Axis Design Studio by Sagar Mundada and Amit Kasliwal. Their area of expertise encompasses a diverse range of fields, including architecture, retail, hospitality, corporate office & residential interior design. The distinctive tropical residential architecture of 4th Axis Design Studio reinterprets local materials and concepts with a modern design sensibility. The designs are limited by light, space, and structural organization. Among their noteworthy projects are the Maliwal Residence, the Hambarde Residence, and the Chirantan Private Residence in Nanded.

Courtesy – 4th Axis

Archilab Design Solutions

Shantanu Joshi established Archilab Design Solutions in 2007 as a proprietary company.  Since its founding, Archilab Design Solutions has worked on a range of projects, including corporate interiors, commercial interiors, residential interiors, bungalows, and factory design. They also offer project management services, which include scheduling projects, keeping an eye on procurement, tracking schedules and costs, maintaining quality control, and ensuring that the project is carried out as planned. Among their projects are Frontline, the factory building in Tasawade, and the Weekend home in Bhugaon.

Courtesy – 4th Axis

Avinash Nawathe Associates

Avinash Nawathe Associates (ANA) was founded in 1985 by Avinash Nawathe. Over the years, it has become one of the most reputed architecture firms in Pune. The firm has dabbled in sleek residential spaces, cutting-edge commercial complexes, and educational institutional spheres. Some of their amazing projects involve, Vertica, Balewadi; Jawha, Palgarh; Kalpataru Jade, Baner; amongst others.

Courtesy – FD the Key

Edifice Co.

Edifice Co., or Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd, is an architecture firm in Pune which specialises in architecture, interiors, and urban design. Their portfolio includes corporate towers, healthcare facilities, hospitality spaces, and more. Their design philosophy emphasizes sensitivity towards the immediate environment and context-laden buildings, engendering a functional utility for its occupants. Some of Edifice Co.’s noteworthy projects include the DSK School, Pune; Adampur Airport, Jalandhar; and the Corporate Park, Navi Mumbai.

Courtesy – Edifice Consultants

Aijaz Hakim Workspaces

Aijaz Hakim Workspaces operate under the banner of Aijaz Hakim Architect (AHA). The firm has designed residential buildings, corporate workspaces, and the hospitality sector, adding a flair of contemporary design and trends in each project. Established in 1994, Aijaz Hakim Workspaces have a non-conformist take on their client’s ideas. They have designed the Ridges Villas, Pune; Little Italy, Pune; and the ABIL Experience Center.

Courtesy – Homify

Image Courtesy- Talati & Partners

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