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Be on the Lookout for These 16 Architects in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, renowned for its rich architectural heritage, stands as a testament to the fusion of modernity and tradition in India. Architects in Ahmedabad play a pivotal role in shaping the cityscape, blending innovative design with cultural influences. From iconic structures like the Sabarmati Ashram to contemporary marvels such as the Gujarat High Court, Ahmedabad’s architects continue to leave an indelible mark on the urban fabric, reflecting the city’s dynamic spirit and historical significance. Let’s take a look at a few of these architects (all under 40) who have changed the game since they began their practice.

1. tHE gRID Architects

In 2002, Snehal and Bhadri Suthar established tHE gRID Architects. Their designs are closely connected to the environment due to their simplicity. They create dynamic spaces to achieve a delicate balance between order and invention. At tHE gRID Architects, international standards for design, such as barrier-free spaces for the physically disabled and green, sustainable, biophilic buildings are taken into consideration. tHe gRID Architects have been in the news for designing the Casa Bianca Villa (Ahmedabad), Vinte Villa (Gandhinagar), and the Shanti Parisar (Gandhinagar). 

Casa Bianca Villa
Courtesy – tHE gRID Architects

2. VPA Architects

Vipul Patel founded Vipul Patel Architects (VPA) in 1994. The guiding principle of VPA Architects is “form follows function.” They consciously prioritize functionality over aesthetics in their projects. VPA Architects are popular for designing the Foliage House (Ahmedabad), the Brick Boxx (Gandhinagar), and the Sanctum Villa (Bhuj).

The Foliage House
Courtesy – Arch Daily

3. Ace Associates

Ace Associates was established by Ashish Patel, Nikhil Patel, Nilesh Dalsania, and Vasudev Sheta in 1999. The practice focuses on function, clarity, and subsequent beauty. They provide creative, environmentally conscious architecture to create landscapes, buildings, and interiors for a variety of clientele, including institutions, homes, businesses, and hotels. Some of Ace Associates’ projects involve Sri Sri Villa (Nadiad), Suncourt House (Anand), and the City House (Anand).

Sri Sri Villa
Courtesy – Amazing Architecture

4. Designer’s Circle

Designer’s Circle was founded by Rajesh Sheth in 1987. To guarantee that every client has a customized experience, they take an interactive, hands-on approach. Designer’s Circle projects include large-scale residential, hospitality, and corporate offices. They craft exquisite stories and opulent settings that improve their clientele’s quality of life. They have designed the Manor House (Ahmedabad), A3 Cube Events Office (Ahmedabad), and Serenity by the Sea (Chennai).

The Manor House
Courtesy – Designers Circle

5. Modo Design

Arpan Shah founded Modo Design in the year 2002. They view architectural design as research, exploration, participation, and refinement. It entails open-ended explorations combined with an initial spontaneous response in a design. Modo Designs creates architectural pieces that are responsive and representative of the people, place, and goals. Their design emphasizes local subtleties and specificity. You might know them for designing the Symphony Corporate House (Ahmedabad), The Elemental House (Ahmedabad), and Altius Vibe Apartments (Ahmedabad).

Symphony Corporate House
Courtesy – Ahmedabad

6. Groundwork Architecture

Brijesh Bhatha founded Groundwork Architecture in 2010. Every project at Groundwork Architecture aims for functional simplicity. With meticulous attention to architectural detail, they strive to create buildings that celebrate material. By actively addressing the inherent conflicts that arise between the project brief, timelines, budgets, building services, and architectural ambitions, they produce better designs. They are known for designing Vikas Mehta’s Residence (Ahmedabad), LM College of Pharmacy (Ahmedabad), and Shreenath Puram (Vadodra).

Vikas Mehta’s Residence
Courtesy – Groundwork Architecture

7. Dreamscape Architects

Aashna Desai and Suketu Shah engendered Dreamscape Architects in 2016. The studio seeks to create design experiences that balance nature and man-made form, contrasting the modern and the traditional, and striking the ideal balance between practicality and visual appeal. Their rich design legacy and the fundamentals of architecture form the basis of their contemporary design. Dreamscape Architects has been in the news for designing the Seamless House (Ahmedabad), AS Residence (Ahmedabad), and AT Residence (Ahmedabad).

The Seamless House
Courtesy – Umang Shah

8. Misa Architects

Tarun Patel launched Misa Architects in 2015. The firm’s work is ecologically conscious and sensitive to cultural differences. They incorporate elements of sustainability with vernacular styles to captivate the user’s emotions and spirituality. Misa Architects is known for designing the Maze House (Shela), Two Bay House (Ahmedabad), and the Outhouse (Gandhinagar).

The Maze House
Courtesy – Inclined Studio

9. d6thD Design Studio

Himanshu Patel established d6thD Design Studio in 2012. They encourage the use of locally accessible materials, conventional building methods, and architectural design that takes climate and cultural factors into account. Their curiosity lies in investigating how spaces can evoke feelings of happiness. d6thD Design Studio is celebrated for designing the Tribhuvana Office (Ahmedabad), Udan Crematorium (Amalsad), and the Aaranya Farmstay Resort (Sasan Gir).

Tribhuvana Office
Courtesy – Inclined Studio

10. OpenIdeas

In 2009, Monarch Champaneri, Nilesh Gajera, and Niralee Champaneri founded OpenIdeas. They portray architecture as the creative and thoughtful solution to regional limitations, establishing a professional practice where cutting-edge design and new technology innovation take centre stage. OpenIdeas balances a process-oriented approach, material coordination, technology, and light play. They create comfortable environments while reflecting social, functional, and aesthetic considerations in the design and construction of spaces. OpenIdeas has been in the news for designing Hive (Surat), Whirl (Ahmedabad), and 1 World Metro (Ahmedabad).

Courtesy – OpenIdeas

11. Saransh Architects

Manish and Malini Doshi launched Saransh Architects in 1994. Architecture is centred on individual projects; from the amount of light entering a room to the type of material used on the facade, they design tailored spaces for each person’s needs and preferences. Saransh Architects deals with issues at the city level, such as integrating newcomers, building affordable housing, and ensuring better living conditions in the current economic climate. They are popular for designing Oasis (Ahmedabad), Ameya Yoga Studio (Ahmedabad), and MAD Apartment (Ahmedabad).

Courtesy – Studio Saransh

12. UA Lab

Krushnakant and Vipuja founded UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative). The fundamental issues of scale, proportions, character, openness, daylight, ventilation, and climate comfort in the built environment are at the centre of their design process. These factors influence conceptual frameworks and direct the course of design. UA Lab brings innovation, compassionate spaces, and demanding requirements into harmony. Some of their designs include Twin Residence (Porbandar), Sea House (Porbandar), and Housing (Ahmedabad).

Sea House
Courtesy – UA Lab

13. Marigold Interiors

Marigold Interiors was established by Kshama Parmar in 2008. The firm handles client demands while selecting the right concepts and material combinations to produce one-of-a-kind designs. Marigold Interiors works with local craftsmen and artisans to improve the quality of life and spaces, deeply rooted in tradition. You might know them for designing Mahogany – The Design Couture (Ahmedabad), the Penthouse for Skydeck Select (Ahmedabad), and Holiday Home (Ahmedabad).

Mahogany – The Design Couture
Courtesy – Marigold Interiors

14. Amogh Designs

Pankti Shah and Shalvi Shah founded Amogh Designs in 2013. Amogh Designs aims to maintain elegant simplicity in design. Their range of work encompasses both residential and commercial projects made in a modernist style. Their philosophy combines humankind, materials, and the natural world to create architectural marvels that honour tradition and preserve the natural world. Some of their popular projects include Tamraa (Ahmedabad), Salon Kalista (Ahmedabad), and the Otherside (Ahmedabad).

Salon Kalista
Courtesy – Amogh Designs via Facebook

15. Squelette Design

In 2018, Saumil Patel and Prashant Trivedi founded Squelette Design. The company’s core principle is to create a seamless shell which meets the needs of their clients while maintaining a broad design vision. They believe that the structure’s core, or skeleton (squelette), should be elegantly and functionally designed to enhance the room’s beauty and grace. Squelette Design have built Varnika Component Factory (Gandhinagar), Maruti Farms (Ahmedabad), and Appricus Site Office (Ahmedabad).

Maruti Farms
Courtesy – Squelette Design

16. ADHWA Architecture Interiors

Ankita Jain and Dhwanil Patel founded ADHWA Architecture Interiors in 2013. Their focus is on designing a space that is simple to maintain and enhanced by natural materials. The relationship and interaction of space, light, and material are celebrated in their work, making them accessible, enriching, and nurturing. Adhwa Architecture Interiors is noted for designing Komorebi House (Ahmedabad), Unlocked Cafe (Ahmedabad), and Oliver Brown (Ahmedabad).

Oliver Brown
Courtesy – ADHWA Architecture Interiors

Image Courtesy – Viator

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