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Ravi Mandlik’s Abstraction Plays with Colours and Textures 

Ravi Mandlik (b. 20 October 1960) is an Indian artist who studied painting at Sir JJ School of Art. He also taught at his alma mater and LS Raheja School of Art. He has showcased his work in Singapore, Dubai, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, Brussels, and Delhi. If you are a big fan of actor, Aamir Khan, you would easily recognise Ravi Mandlik’s signature artwork, which was used in the 2010 film, Dhobi Ghat.

Ravi Mandlik Artist Style

Ravi Mandlik paintings are known to reinvent the abstract expressionist movement. At the start of his career, he used pure colours. However, since 2006, he has added ‘white’ to his colour palette. While his jagged forms denote chaos, the white helps counter them and add a sense of serenity to the composition. Born in Maharashtra, Mandlik has been an ardent worshiper of the forest, a textural element which he embeds in his oeuvre. His favourite medium is acrylic, which to him has an inherent transparency, yet provides dimension.

Courtesy – Wkipedia

When one looks at Ravi Mandlik paintings, they ought to be mesmerized. The artists evades using extremely bright colours. His colour combinations are pleasing and complement the composition. While some of his paintings are reminiscent of odd cloud formations, some peek deep within the soul. Through the use of colour and texture, he successfully encourages the unusual subtleties within the balanced forms.

Courtesy – Architectural Digest India

Ravi Mandlik Paintings

Throughout his long career, Ravi Mandlik has proven his prowess with colours and abstraction. Some of the popular Ravi Mandlik paintings have been discussed below.


The 2018 exhibition at Tao Art Gallery titled ‘Geist’ portrays Ravi Mandlik’s obsession with the five elements of nature. The elements are alluded to with their respective archetype colors. His use of white imbibes this artwork with the spirit — the fifth element and the essence of spirit. The artworks in this series are a textural symphony, which Mandlik achieves with the use of brushes and rollers. The German word ‘Geist’ refers to the intellect, mind, or spirit of a person. Through his series of over 15 artworks, Mandlik takes the audiences on a cosmic journey, traversing the physicality and the essence of the forms. 

Courtesy – Tao Art Gallery

Autumnal Cadences in Blue and Red

The 2013 exhibition of Ravi Mandlik’s 26 painting series ‘Autumnal Cadences in Blue and Red’ is a visual treat. On a large monochrome ochre, Mandlik contours with cool colours, which develop into a mildly cerebral situation. Despite the clash of colours birthing vivid and visceral forms, they still achieve a meditative effect. 

Courtesy – Tao Art Gallery

Image Courtesy – Mint Lounge

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