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22 Architects in Mumbai to Look Out For!

Mumbai, the commercial city of India stands at the edge of brilliance, technological evolution, and glamour. The architectural firms within aid its dynamic urban landscape to shape the city’s skyline. Renowned for their cutting-edge designs and sustainable approaches, these firms cater to a diverse range of projects, from luxurious residential complexes in Bandra to state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in Lower Parel. As Mumbai continues to evolve as a global metropolis, these architectural firms play a pivotal role in defining its modern identity while honouring its past, making significant contributions to the city’s built environment and architectural legacy. Let’s take a look at 22 architectural firms in Mumbai.

1. Spasm

In 1995, Sangeeta Merchant and Sanjeev Panjabi founded Spasm. It’s a controlled practice. Their expression is determined by the task at hand. The issues faced, are then converted into a concrete, buildable structure through applying individual intuitive reasoning. Reasonable choices are made based on a plethora of factors, including appropriateness, relevance, technology, craftsmanship, finances, and location. Some of Spasm’s noteworthy buildings include Sarvasa (Mumbai), Aon (Tanzania), and Goyal HQ (Ahmedabad).

Courtesy – Spasm Design

2. Morphogenesis

Morphogenesis was founded in 1996 by Sonali and Manit Rastogi. It is renowned throughout the world for its varied work in specialized practice areas, including master planning, residential, commercial, workplace, institutional, and hospitality. The company also offers in-house integrated project delivery in sustainability, interiors, landscape, digital technologies, and design management. Every project at Morphogenesis is evaluated based on its core values, which include how to sustainably address the local ecology and climate while maintaining economic viability and global relevance, while also exploring safety, comfort, and livability. Morphogenesis is known for designing the Surat Diamond Bourse (Surat), ITC Surya (Kathmandu), and Summerset Terraces (Johannesburg).

Courtesy – Morphogenesis

3. Architecture BRIO

Shefali Balwani and Robert Verrijt founded Architecture BRIO in 2006. At present, the practice is established in Mumbai (India) and Rotterdam (Netherlands). Architecture BRIO actively develops context-oriented sustainable design solutions. The studio’s work explores novel perspectives on the frequently incongruous relationships among the city, architecture, landscape, and interiors. Architecture BRIO’s projects seek a fine balance between the act of architecture dissipating and the creation of immersive, responsive, and distinctive environments. Some of their popular designs include The Ray (Alibag), Bouillon Nature Retreat (Belgium), and Jura House (Switzerland).

Courtesy – Design Boom

4. M Moser Associates

Moira Moser founded M Moser Associates in 1981 and has been assiduously working to improve the quality of life. Her practice strengthens ties between individuals and their surroundings by utilizing the power of data. M Moser Associates aims to improve the sustainability, resilience, and intelligence of real estate portfolios. Their current focus is on developing sustainable architecture. From architecture and interior design to engineering and technology, cost and project management, and construction, they provide a wide range of services. You might know them for designing WTW Office (Paris), Sony Music (Mumbai), and On Office (Shanghai).

Courtesy – Design Insider

5. Malik Architecture

Malik Architecture was established in 1976, and founded by Kamal Malik. Through the synthesis of ‘Ecology’ and ‘Spirit,’ the practice has created a modern design syntax throughout the Indian subcontinent. In addition to providing seamless execution and full construction management of turnkey interiors for the residential, business, healthcare, and hospitality sectors, Malik Architecture also offers a consultancy that includes architecture, interior, structural, MEP, and landscape design services. They have designed the American School (Mumbai), Bridge Bungalows (Meerut), and Ruby Hall (Pune).

Courtesy – Yellow Slate

6. SJK Architects

Shimul Javeri Kadri established SJK Architects in 1990 as a master planning, interior design, and architecture firm. With great care and attention to detail, they create environments that are tailored to the specific climate, culture, history, and technology of a rapidly urbanizing India. SJK Architects are known for building Nirvana Film’s Studio (Bangalore), Dasavtara Hotel (Tirupati), and the apartment building at Boat Club (Chennai).

Courtesy – Home DSGN

7. IMK Architects

Mr. I.M. Kadri founded IMK Architects in 1960. They create socially conscious spaces that are conducive to people’s activities and well-being by utilizing cutting-edge technology and creativity. IMK Architects create a connection between the users and the outside world, bringing warmth and vibrancy into spaces. Their goal is to create a building that is sustainable, environmentally holistic, and contextually aware through the thoughtful manipulation of form, materials, textures, and proportions. IMK Architects is noted for designing Sri Shanmukhananda Hall (Mumbai), Brahmaputra Hospital (Guwahati), and the Sona College of Arts and Science (Salem).

Courtesy – IM Kadri

8. Sanjay Puri Architects

Sanjay Puri Architects is the brainchild of Sanjay Puri, which he founded in 1992. Each project is designed with contextually changing spaces that elicit fresh perspectives. Every design considers the climate and incorporates sustainability in a cogent manner. The core of Sanjay Puri Architects’ design philosophy is to engage people in a humanitarian and socially interactive way and evolve spatial relationships that are contextually responsive. This philosophy is well reflected in The Shree Town (Raipur), The Pearl (Oman), and Emami Club (Kolkata).

Courtesy – Floornature

9. RMA Architects

Boston and Mumbai are home to the architectural studios of RMA Architects, although Rahul Mehrotra launched it in Mumbai in 1990. The practice works with institutions, corporate and private clients, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. RMA Architects actively collaborates with regional artisans to create and improve building techniques and construction details that are pertinent, sustainable, and based on local expertise. They create and adapt culturally relevant design solutions for every distinct context through engagement strategies. Some of the popular RMA Architects’ designs include Project 88 (Mumbai), Portal House 6 (Goa), and Lab of the Future (Basel).

Courtesy – RMA Architects

10. Samira Rathod Design Associates

Samira Rathod Design Associates (SRDA) was founded by Samira Rathod in 2000. Indigenous people, their refined methods and customs, and their understanding of material tectonics are fundamental inspirations to Samira Rathod Design Associates. To them, design must differ between needs and wants, responding responsibly. Every project at SRDA explores the interactions between individuals and their surroundings. They are known for designing the Colombo Residential Tower (Colombo), Hitesh Kawad’s villa (Chennai), and Manish Maheshwari’s art gallery (Baroda).

Courtesy – Architonic

11. Studio PKA

Studio PKA was established by Puran Kumar in 1993. The company is renowned for its straightforward design statements and encourages and uses natural building materials, which renders its projects timeless. Large corporate offices and residential projects such as apartments, bungalows, and villas are just a few of the many projects that Studio PKA has completed. Studio PKA has designed The Shell (Alibag), The Loft (Mumbai), and 5 Element House (Ambegaon)

Courtesy – ArchiDiaries

12. SERIE Architects

SERIE Architects is an international practice which focuses on research, urban design, and architecture. In 2008, Christopher Lee (London) and Kapil Gupta (Mumbai) founded the studio. SERIE Architects has offices in Beijing, Singapore, London, and Mumbai. They push the boundaries of geometric understanding of intricate structures and design simplification into fundamental design advancements. Their works are pure conceptual paradigms. They exhibit a sophisticated understanding of how the materials and structure work together to enhance each other. SERIE Architects’ magnum opus remains the Sentosa Sensoryscape (Singapore), Visitor and Knowledge Centre at Mehrangarh Fort (Jodhpur), and Nodeul Dream Island (Seoul).

Courtesy – SERIE Architects

13. ARK Reza Kabul Architects

ARK Reza Kabul Architects was established in 1988 by Reza Kabul. It is a full-service firm that provides planning, architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. With three decades of demonstrated experience in master planning and townships, as well as in the industrial, hospitality, commercial, institutional, educational, and residential segments, ARK Reza Kabul Architects is a comprehensive worldwide design studio. They are known for designing LIC Office (Gujarat), Shreepati Skies (Mumbai), and Lucknow Mall (Lucknow).

Courtesy – Magzter

14. AUM Architects

Manish Dikshit founded AUM Architects in 2004. The studio designs its buildings using architectural modelling software, which allows you to visualize the space in a virtual 3D environment. Their design philosophy relies on four fundamental components — form, design, function, and sustainability. Using this, they have designed multiple narratives, from single-family homes to massive apartment complexes. AUM Architects has designed Kurean 2 (Kazhakastan), Palm Jumeira (Dubai), and HCN Bungalow (Rajasthan).

Courtesy – AUM Architects

15. Dig Architects

Advait Potnis and Amit Khanolkar founded the multidisciplinary design firm Dig Architects in 2009. The firm has designed and carried out several architectural and interior design projects. Dig Architects’s main goal is to create ‘atmospherics’ that capture the environmental essence. The practice is not only interested in technological endeavours but also in cultural ones. The firm has a wealth of experience in the fields of branding, architecture, and interior design. Dig Architects’ noteworthy buildings include the Tetracube Office (Mumbai), MGM Hospital (Navi Mumbai), and the Light Streak House (Mumbai).

Courtesy – Archello

16. Somaya and Kalappa Consultants

Somaya and Kalappa Consultants (SNK) was established in Mumbai in 1978 by Brinda Somaya. With its inclusive mode of practice, they have taken on public spaces, educational institutions, hospitals, lodging facilities, hotels, residential complexes, shops, corporate headquarters, resorts, parks for information technology, and private residences. Somaya and Kalappa Consultants tackle social, economic, environmental, and aesthetic concerns while providing creative design, knowledge, and workable solutions. SNK is popular amongst architecture lovers for the Goa Institute of Management (Goa), Bhadli Village (Bhuj), and Club Mahindra Fort Resort (Kumbhalgarh).

Courtesy – Somaya & Kalappa Consultants


The architectural practice DCOOP was founded in 2003 by Quaid Doongerwala and Shilpa Ranade. To them, every design endeavour starts with a thorough investigation of the background, circumstances, and everyday life of the site. DCOOP strives to create an environment that is both modern and sustainable by bridging the gap between concerns of ‘pure’ design, execution contingencies, and user requirements sensitivity. Their projects boast refined proportions and a sense of balanced restfulness. They are methodically planned, painstakingly assembled, and delicately adjusted to arouse the senses. DCOOP has achieved fame for designing Project Evergreen (Mumbai), Aga Khan Academy’s Sports Hall (Hyderabad), and the School of Planning and Architecture (Delhi).

Courtesy – Medium

18. JDAP

Jude D’Souza founded JDAP, a design, architecture, and planning firm. The company works on a range of projects in the commercial, residential, cultural, and hospitality sectors, spanning different scales and disciplines. The ‘Design that is closer to Nature’ guiding principle is JDAP’s motto and it reflects. At JDAP, any architectural project is fundamentally idea-based and strives for constant invention. Every project is viewed to optimize the value inherent in its context for the long-term benefit of its different stakeholders as well as the greater environment. Some of JDAP’s magnum opus include the Arts Complex (Seoul), an elementary school (Prague), and the Museum of Language (Songdo).

Courtesy – Archello

19. RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

Michael Plautz, Donald Suppes, and Alexander Ritter founded RSP Architects Planners & Engineers in 1978; the company is headquartered in Singapore. Their design is people-centric and interacts with the environment and society. RSP Architects Planners & Engineers embrace human spaces and translate stories into actual spaces. It is known for designing the Jewel Changi Airport (Singapore), Hexware Campus (Pune), and the Feliz En Vista (Vietnam).

Courtesy – RSP

20. Atelier Design N Domain

Anand Menon and Shobhan Kothari co-founded Atelier Design N Domain (ADND) in 2009. Since then, it has promoted discussion on the opportunities and challenges of design, resulting in the creation of visually arresting spaces that adhere to practical constraints. The firm’s designers work to advance this idea of continuity and guard against thought stagnation.  Design at Atelier Design N Domain is viewed as a process; it is something that is created with pragmatic considerations but is not constrained by them. ADND has designed the P56 Villa (Dubai), Ushaansh (Vadodara), and the Pa Villa (Khandala).

Courtesy – Arch Daily

21. Alcove Design Consultants

Alcove Design Consultants was established by Kulin Kapadia in 2014. Its founding principle was to consistently meet the goals of the client. Every project is tackled with a solution based on research. Alcove Design Consultants transforms corporate, residential, hospitality, and other spaces to blend seamlessly with their surrounding architecture and natural environment. They have designed the GPTL Kadarpur office and Pakam (Goregaon).

Courtesy – Alcove Designs


Kayzad Shroff and Maria Isabel Jimenez Leon established SHROFFLEóN, an architecture, landscape, and interior design studio, in 2011. The studio selectively accepts projects, placing a premium on ongoing individualized service and superior design. As a studio, SHROFFLEóN approaches every project from a different point of view, using the site’s context for processes and as a natural source of form that develops from the network of intersecting vectors there. It is known for designing the Mirador House (Karjat), Aurelia (Alibag), and the Elephant Parade.

Courtesy – SHROFFLEoN

Image Courtesy – Times of India

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