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Poulomi Biswas: An Artist Expressing the Unbearable

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Poulomi Biswas is an artist who believes that behind every artwork lies a woman continuously grappling with the acceptance of reality, and that woman is none other than herself. Through her artistic journey, she explores the profound idea that the journey to death is, in fact, the essence of living. With her artwork, Poulomi shares her thoughts and experiences, capturing both unforgettable and unbearable moments that she has encountered in her life.

The artist finds solace in expressing herself through various art forms such as painting, printmaking, and installation. For Poulomi, these mediums provide a means to confront and convey her emotions, allowing her to confront the situations that have become deeply ingrained within her. She draws inspiration from her conscious and unconscious mind, freely allowing her thoughts to flow onto the canvas or paper as she holds her pencil.

Finding Aim by Poulomi Biswas. Courtesy: Abir Space

One of Poulomi’s notable habits is to find a quiet space, sit down, and engage in deep contemplation. During these moments, she immerses herself in thinking, imagining, and desiring, while intentionally disregarding the distractions of the world around her. It is within this introspective state that she questions every aspect of her senses, reflecting on the routines of her daily activities, unfulfilled desires, and the losses she has experienced in her past. These reflections become the foundation of her artwork.

Pillar by Poulomi Biswas. Courtesy: Abir Space

Poulomi is open to exploring different mediums, allowing her artistic expression to flow freely. However, she has developed a particular fondness for using a mix of mediums and woodcut techniques in her work. The process of curving the ply or wood block brings her great pleasure and adds a unique dimension to her creations. Additionally, she finds a sense of liberation by incorporating various materials and mediums into her artwork, embracing the freedom it provides.

Through her art, Poulomi Biswas invites viewers into her world, where she confronts her own reality with courage and vulnerability. Her work serves as a conduit for her emotions, giving voice to her thoughts and experiences. Each piece she creates is a reflection of her ongoing journey, capturing the complexities of life and the profound moments that shape her existence.

Central Peripheral Memory. Courtesy: Abir Space

As Poulomi continues to explore her artistic path, her work serves as a testament to the power of self-expression and the therapeutic nature of art. Through her artistic attempt, she invites us to look into the depths of our own emotions and confront the realities that shape our lives. Poulomi Biswas is an artist who fearlessly embraces the process of accepting and expressing the truth, creating artwork that resonates deeply with both herself and her audience.

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