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Look But Don’t Touch: Hyper Realistic Drawing Ideas You Need To Attempt

Art isn’t simply about drawing. It must convey emotions, stories, and a journey. One may do it via myriad techniques, supported by different movements, abstract expressionism, neoclassicism, and more. One movement which has proliferated into the 21st century is hyperrealism. Hyperrealism aims at creating extremely realistic artworks, often to the point of resembling high-resolution photographs or even surpassing them in detail and precision. Hyperrealist artists such as Hyung Koo Kang meticulously replicate the appearance of their subjects, whether they are people, objects, or scenes, with an incredible level of accuracy through hyper realistic drawings.

Hyperrealism challenges viewers to question their perceptions of reality and the boundaries between art and photography. It celebrates the skill and dedication of artists in capturing the world with extraordinary precision and detail. Here are a few ideas which you must try drawing hyper realistic portraits.

Hyper Realistic Animal Drawings

Captivate viewers by making a majestic hyper realistic horse drawing. If you desire to evoke terror in your audiences try creating a hyper realistic snake drawing or a hyper realistic lion drawing. If you are a pet lover, you must make a hyper realistic dog drawing. Wave the Indian flag high by making a hyper realistic tiger drawing – the national animal of India.

Courtesy – Design Swan

Portrait Hyper Realistic Drawing

A hyper realistic portrait drawing focuses on the subject’s face. Try using photographs as a reference point to ensure that your hyper realistic drawing perfectly encapsulates the subject’s emotions. Making a pencil hyper realistic drawing of your subject is an easy way to go about it. Hyper realistic drawing pencils, usually graphite pencils, give you the autonomy to make thin or thick lines, which perfectly freezes the moment in time.

Courtesy – Reddit

Hyper Realistic Body Parts

Once you have mastered the art of hyper realistic pencil drawings, the next logical step is making hyper realistic colored pencil drawings of human (or animal) body parts. Try your hand at hyper realistic eye drawing or hyper realistic hair drawing. Using colored pencils will help you bring out the raw natural beauty of these subjects and assist in capturing their essence. Attempt a series of hyper realistic hand drawings and make them into a carousel to reflect the fluid and rhythmic motion. You can even sketch out hyper realistic charcoal drawings. With these monotone colour schemes, you can make a hyper realistic skull drawing. Since a skull is predominately white, it will help your cause.

Courtesy – Pinterest

Nature Hyper Realistic Drawings

Sit out for a while and soak in the inspiration. You may even make hyper realistic color drawings keeping the immediate landscape as the subject. Nature is vast and you will undoubtedly find subjects to draw with varying levels of difficulty. Draw a spider’s web or a dewdrop on a leaf. The opportunities are truly endless.

Courtesy – My Art Magazine

Hyper Realistic Still Life Drawing

A still life is a drawing of commonly found inanimate objects. While you might’ve done numerous still-life projects, it is time to make a hyper realistic still life drawing. Breathe new life into these inanimate objects. Your viewers would have to look twice as they extend their hands to grab these objects. You may draw fruits and vases or a glass of water but don’t forget to play with light and shadows.

Courtesy – My Modern Met

Image Courtesy – Bored Panda

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